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Thank you for considering a one-time or small monthly donation to Westside Voice. If you’re on this page that means you value local – in our case, “hyper-local” – news coverage of the Westside, which we define as Hollywood over to Santa Monica and Bel Air down to LAX.

You can count on us to provide news and updates on Westside city council activity and to cover local city and county agencies that are ignored by other publications. We also value reporting on the performances of our star student-athletes and putting their names in lights. And you can count on us for objective reviews of cultural staples like movies, restaurants, and watering holes. We’ll never review any business entity that also sponsors Westside Voice.

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Why is a donation to Westside Voice NOT tax-deductible? Nonprofit news sources are great, but they can’t write strong editorial opinions and they can’t endorse candidates but we are committed to writing well-reasoned editorials that move public opinion and guide area voters toward principled, progressive candidates we believe will be effective in office. To do that, we must be a for-profit venture.

As a newer voice of journalism on L.A.’s Westside, we are a small group of dedicated, passionate journalists bootstrapping our First Amendment experiment—Free Press. We’ve poured our hearts and resources into what we hope adds value to the Westside community—and like any new business, we’ve a need for support to help our small family or reporters and editor to deliver the best hyper-local news on the Westside.

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