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Westside Voice delivers accurate reporting and informed commentary on state, county and municipal issues that affect the people who live and/or work in the neighborhoods and cities that make up West Los Angeles. We aim to strengthen the voice of our area, ensure information is shared, issues debated with strong but civil discourse and that the stories, people, and initiatives of the area are celebrated.


Westside Voice brings the neighborhoods and cities of West Los Angeles together. By providing clarity and relevance to issues that affect us all we can create a more cohesive, interdependent sub-region of Greater Los Angeles. A development decision in Beverly Hills can very much affect traffic to and from Santa Monica. A crime spree that started in West Hollywood may very well stretch into Palms/Mar Vista. A street widening project in Inglewood may very well affect game day traffic coming from Venice. Even something like an Assembly District’s Delegate elections may affect the policy direction of a political party, yet receive little to no news coverage. We will connect these dots and share both our own and guest’s opinions on topics affecting us as Westsiders, Californians, and Americans.


Ethics – We adhere to the Society of Professional Journalist’s Code of Ethics. In addition, any information that you provide us – your first and last name, address, email and phone number – are only stored in our system so that we can communicate with you as donors and/or newsletter subscribers. We will NEVER sell, rent or market subscriber information to any other entities without their opt-in consent

Accuracy – We make every effort to present information fairly and to deliver a factual and digestible telling of each story. If we are ever in error, we openly admit so and make an immediate correction.

Transparency – Westside Voice is supported through financial contributions, subscriptions and advertising. Acceptance of financial support does not constitute endorsement of funders, or their products, services, or opinions. Influence over any editorial content is strictly left to our staff.

Community Engagement – Through live events and social media channels, we facilitate civil debate and constructive dialogue that encourages our readers to become more civically active.

Our Politics

Westside Voice news articles will always strive to give you the news straight up as it happened in a school board or city council meeting, or explain objectively as possible what is happening in an election contest, for example.

Westside Voice Editorial, Guest Editorial, and Endorsements for candidates and ballot measures will skew to the progressive end of an argument or policy viewpoint.

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