Metro is creating a fare structure that’s simple and easy to use.

Metro is committed to providing a great rider experience for all of its customers. One key aspect of delivering on our vision is having a fare structure that’s easy to use, equitable and sustainable.

In December 2022, the Metro Board of Directors approved a new fare policy which will go into effect by Summer 2023. The new fare policy ensures that no rider ever overpays and our most frequent riders who rely on our system, pay less. The new fare policy will also benefit customers by capping how much riders will need to pay each day and week to ride buses and trains.

How Fare Capping Works

Under the new fare policy, Metro customers using a TAP card will pay as they go and will never pay more than $5 each day or $18 each week for unlimited rides – which is less than the regular price of Metro’s regular 7-Day and 30-Day passes.

Once customers reach the daily or weekly fare cap, they will not have to pay additional fares. The new policy will make 1-Day, 7-Day, and 30-Day passes unnecessary, so they will be eliminated, making the fare structure less complicated for customers to use and for Metro to administer.

Key Highlights

  • Metro fare for buses and trains remains at $1.75 (which includes a transfer for two hours and one direction between Metro buses and trains).
  • With fare capping, you pay as you go on a TAP card — and when you reach the fare cap then you pay no more.
  • 7-day caps are “rolling”, rather than fixed calendar days.
  • The base fare for senior and disabled riders will remain $.75 (peak); $.035 (off-peak) including 2-hour free internal transfers.
  • One base fare for all reduced fare categories; $.75.
  • Our LIFE riders would continue to receive 20 free rides per month (with free transfers within two hours) and then pay per ride until they reach the daily or weekly cap. We’re doing this so that LIFE riders would no longer have to spend money to buy passes upfront. LIFE riders will only pay for rides they take.
  • No extra fare for the J (Silver) Line and express buses. Fares for the J Line and express buses would be the same as for all Metro buses and trains.
  • 50 percent discounts to our regular daily, 7-day, and 30-day passes until fare capping is implemented.
  • A friendly reminder: to take advantage of fare capping you need to pay fares with a TAP card. We encourage all our cash-paying riders to get a TAP card — the savings for many of you will be significant.
  • The new fare system removes the current additional fare to ride the J Line (Silver) and Express Bus Service.

The chart shows our current rider category in the left column, the current fare in the center column and the adopted fare in the right column.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is fare capping? 

Fare capping allows customers to pay per ride using Stored Value on TAP. Once the dollar cap for the day or week has been met, customers can ride for free for the rest of the time period. 

What are the benefits of fare capping?

You will no longer have to pay upfront for a pass for unlimited rides. You will only pay for each ride you take and once the dollar cap is reached, you ride free for the rest of the day or week. We think this is more equitable than the current system because riders never have to spend money buying a pass that they might not use.

Who is eligible for fare capping?

Any Metro rider with a TAP card can benefit from fare capping. We emphasize: you must have a TAP card to enjoy the benefits of fare capping. Those who pay with cash will not be able to enjoy the benefits of fare capping. 

Do I have to register my TAP card in order to benefit from fare capping?

No, customers do not have to register their TAP card.

Do I need to buy a new TAP card to benefit from fare capping? 


Do I need a TAP card to benefit from fare capping?

  • Yes, in order to benefit from fare capping, you must pay your fare with a TAP card and use that same TAP card to pay for any subsequent rides. Once you reach the daily or weekly dollar cap, use the same TAP card to receive your unlimited rides.
  • Customers do not have to buy a new TAP card to benefit from fare capping.
  • Where to buy/reload a TAP card:

How will I know when I’ve reached the daily or weekly dollar cap? 

When you tap on the bus fareboxes or TAP validators at rail stations, the display will show how much Stored Value is being deducted or whether the ride is free. More detailed information will be available on your TAP account on or on the TAP app. 

Where can I see my progress toward the daily and weekly cap?

Your progress toward earning free rides can be found on bus fareboxes, TAP vending machines, by calling TAP Customer Service at 866.827.8646, on the TAP app and on  (registered cardholders only).

What day of the week does the week cap start?

Weekly caps will be implemented on a rolling basis, rather than fixed calendar days, to offer customers additional flexibility.

Why isn’t there a monthly cap?

Our data shows that having a weekly cap will offer the same benefits as a monthly cap — and will offer more flexibility for our riders.

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