If you aren’t a fan of the 2004 Classic High School Film Mean Girls, you maaaay be asked to leave the pages of Westside Voice and never return!

One may recall that at the time, the highly billed star of the film was Lindsay Lohan, but the movie ended up launching the careers of Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Lizzy Caplan, and Hallmark Network fixture Lacey Chabert.

Well now, the students and faculty at Paul Revere Middle School in Pacific Palisades are bringing the classic to life. Take a look at the details in this poster provided by supportive parents of our performers, and make your plans and buy your tickets TODAY!

And if you promise to attend … we here at Westside Voice may stop trying to make Fetch happen.

If the information is difficult to extrapolate from the poster, for tickets and showtimes, visit: https://illumivate.ticketspice.com/mean-girls

Paul Revere Middle School is based at 1450 Allenford Ave (your 26th Street cut-through between the Palisades and Santa Monica). The play is in the Auditorium.

Image Provided by Adrienne Mascaro

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