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The rising costs of natural gas have increased bills for consumers across the country, and United Way of Greater Los Angeles is partnering with So Cal Gas to help families struggling to pay these historically high gas bills.

In partnership with Southern California Gas Company, United Way of Greater L.A. is assisting Southern California residents with up to $100 to pay their gas bill for those who qualify based on their income. The funding comes from this year’s $1 million Gas Assistance Fund.

“Families are feeling the pain of high gas bills and this relief can help them prioritize spending on food, medicine, and childcare, and other pressing needs,” said Elise Buik, President and CEO of United Way of Greater Los Angeles. “Programs like the Gas Assistance Fund are critical to United Way’s efforts to support people in crisis, and by connecting to neighborhoods through trusted, local organizations we can keep thousands of people safe and warm in their homes.”

Since 1983, the Gas Assistance Fund has provided bill payment assistance of almost $18 million to more than 224,000 disadvantaged, disabled individuals, families, seniors, and veterans through the combined efforts of SoCalGas and United Way L.A.

SoCalGas projects that a customer who received a $300 bill in January will, if usage remains the same, see their February bill drop to about $135. However, prices in the western region are still higher than last year, when the average residential bill for February was $99.

“Catholic Charities of Los Angeles is grateful to have this important tool to help families in need, and we know firsthand what a difference the right help at the right time can make in someone’s life,” said Sister Jenny Areas from Catholic Charities San Gabriel Region in El Monte. “Often, utility assistance helps people connect with resources they weren’t aware of, like free tax preparation or tutoring for their kids. This can help families begin to build savings and free them from barriers to economic stability. The little things add up.”

Southern California residents can request assistance by following these simple steps:

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