This may seem a bit dated given its second season already debuted at the beginning of December. But we absolutely LOVE the Apple TV+ British spy series, “Slow Horses.” So I wanted to share the interview our friend Sari Cohen from Hollywood First Look recently conducted with three of the stars of the show, Saskia Reeves, Jack Lowdon, and the legendary Gary Oldman.

Slow Horses follows the lives and cases of MI5 agents assigned to “Slough House,” an assignment only given to agents who have committed near career-ending screw ups in their intelligence work. Slough House is there last chance assignment. Oldman plays Jackson Lamb, a disheveled, albeit legendary, British agent, who runs Slough House and tries to guide his hopeless agents through the paces of the crappy assignments they’re handed from MI5.

This interview clip is just 5:31 long, so enjoy!

west los angeles news
west los angeles news
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