This year, the numerous Neighborhood Councils that make up Los Angeles’s numerous and diverse neighborhoods will be conducting their respective elections for a seat on their respective Neighborhood Councils. Westside Voice wants to present you the names of candidates who have certified for the ballot in what is known as “Region 11” of Los Angeles, which essentially corresponds with Council District 11, represented by the newly elected Traci Park.

The following elections will take place on March 28. As you can see, each neighborhood organizes its officers with a variety of titles and positions. Below are the candidates for the following Neighborhood Councils:

Bel Air-Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council (BABCNC)

Bel-Air Glen District – Timothy Steele

Franklin-Coldwater District – Melina Chiaverini, Steven Weinberg

North of Sunset District – Aaron Kamin, Angela Roessel, and Vadim Levotman

Public Education Institutions – Kristie Halsey Holmes

Commercial or Office Enterprise District – Maureen Smith

At-Large Traditional Stakeholder – Mindy Rothstein Mann, Kristina Irwin, Shawn Bayliss

At-Large Community Interest Stakeholder – Ellen Evans

At-Large Youth Representative – Alonzo Wickers

Del Rey Neighborhood Council (DRNC)

Area A Director – Bruce Friedman

Area B Director – Paul Thornley

Area C Director – Rashel Merenes, Judah Wiedre

Area D Director – Tracey Manon

Area E Director – Adam Lipman, Quenton Richards

Area F Director – Jessica “Jeffrey” Tropp

Area G Director – Maria Del Carmen Sanchez

Area H Director – Greg Turquand

President – Ravi Sankaran

Vice President – Smriti Kirubanandan, Jeremy Schonwald

Treasurer – No one listed as certified

Secretary – Sara Siegal

Outreach Officer – Jillian Hegedus

Communications Officer – Daniel A. Perez, Gunnar Ransom Goodway

Land Use Officer – Pooja Bhagat

Mar Vista Community Council (MVCC)

Zone 1 Director – Kelsey Figone

Zone 2 Director – Ashley Zeldin, Martin Rubin

Zone 3 Director – Andrew Marton

Zone 4 Director – Jennifer Rafeedie

Zone 5 Director – Drew Ruesch

Zone 6 Director – Kevin Wheeler

Zone 7 Director – Derl Clausen

At-Large Director – Edward H. Sand, April Peterson, Harriet Fischer, Benjamin Szeghy, Charlene Samiley, Stephen Paddock, Stacey Greenwald, Sarah Fisk, Robin Doyno, Greg Kopelow

Community Director – Carolyn K. Honda, Jasmine Delgado

Palms Neighborhood Council (PALMSNC)

President – Kay Hartman

Vice President – Loryn R. Molina, Tanya Leal

Secretary – Colin Jaehnke, Rob Weber

Treasurer – Ana Garcia Lima, Michael Su

Community-Based Organization Representative – Jacey Hutchinson

Business Representative – Natasia Gascon, Joshua Nadel

Youth Representative – No one listed as certified

Residential Representative Area A – No one listed as certified

Residential Representative Area B – Matthew Sanders, Markhum Stansbury Jr., Charles Miller, Rebecca E. Sherwood

Residential Representative Area C – Heather Biddle, Steven J. Stanton

Residential Representative Area D – Thomas Chiu, Farshid Ghazavi

Residential Representative Area E – Katrina M. Kaiser

South Robertson Neighborhood Council (SORONC)

Resident Zone 2 Representative – Jason David Plummer

Resident Zone 4 Representative – No one listed as certified

Resident Zone 6 Representative – Marlene Katz, Michael Lynn

Resident Zone 8 Representative – Fabiola Prieto

Resident Zone 10 Representative – Joseph Mollaei

Business Representative – Ellen Lanet, Terrence Gomes, Daniel Ferszt

Organization Representative – No one listed as certified

At-Large Representative – Miriam Aguillares, Baila Romm, Stuart Weiss, Stefan Kalczynski, Steven Caceres, Stacy Jung

Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC)

President – Brian Averill, Daffodil Tyminski

Vice President – Vicki Halliday, Jim Robb

Secretary – Tima Bell

Treasurer – Eric Hartnack, Helen Fallon, Jay Handal

Chair of Land Use and Planning Committee – Michael Jensen, Gabriel Smith

Communications Officer – Nico Ruderman

Outreach Officer – Brian Finneran, Sima Kotsovetsky

At-Large Officer – Lauren Burgess, Lisa Redmond, Zack Best, Eric Alan Donaldson, Erica Moore, Evan Corrigan, Tanisha Saunders, Taylor Gallion, Alley Mills Bean, Aaron M. Dozzi, Amara Iman Hordt, Hugo Moreno, Patrick A. McKinley, Meredith Gruszka, Ben Ballentine, Benjamin Shahahrabani, Bryan Cook, Clark Brown, Carlos Marin, Christopher Lee, Chie Lunn, CJ Cole, Deborah Keaton, Dillon Chapman, Sergio Perez, Steve Bradbury, Soledad Ursua,  Robert Thibodeau, Ivette Rodriguez, Graham Sandelski, Yolanda Gonzalez, Julie Bean, James Dawson, Jason Sugars, Joseph Garcia, Jill Crosby, Jim Murez

Community Interest/Community Officer – Noreen Ahmed, Melissa Montesi, Bruno Hernandez

West Los Angeles Sawtelle Neighborhood Council (WLASNC)

North East District Representative – Eric Nam, Kent Matthew Kaisaki, David Jesse Sanchez

South West District Representative – Alexandra Polin

North West District Representative – Walton Chiu

South East District Representative – David Louis Swartz

Large Business Representative – Jay Handal

Small Business Representative – Adriane Ransom, Danilo Torro, Vince Peagler III

Organizational Representative – James Altuner, Jay Ross

At-Large Representative – Lacy Stine, Alexandra Caryotakis, Pierce Tacon, Monica Mejia-Lambert, Ron (Not a typo. Only first name listed), Isaac Regev, Victor Pacheco

Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa (NCWP)

Residential District 1 Director – David Voss, Sherry Lambie

Residential District 3 Director – Alex Reynolds

Residential District 5 Director – Matt Lipschutz

Residential District 7 Director – Lisa Gaines

Residential District 9 Director – Peter Abskharon, Kevin O’Brien

Residential District 11 Director – Dennis Miller, Jessica J. Lesley

Residential District 13 Director – Brian Lockwood

Residential District 15 Director – Chip Mallek

At-Large Director Seat 2 and 3 – Mark Reyerson, Michael R., David C. Johnston, Douglas Laux, Steve Donell, Garrett Smith, Gilbert Contreras Jr., Jason Waggoner

Business Director, Zip Code 90094 — No one listed as certified

Income Real Property Director – Paula Gerez

Religious Director – Jack Hughes

Senior Citizens Director – Debra Huston

Westwood Neighborhood Council*

The City Clerk’s Website reads:

*  “In accordance with Section 3.13 (Board Affirmation and Loss of Quorum) of the 2023 NC Election Handbook, this Neighborhood Council Election has been suspended and canceled. All certified candidates will be seated by the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment.”

Essentially, they either didn’t have any seats contested by chance or lack of interest, or they have manipulated the political environment to ensure a closed process devoid of any competition.

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