Bob Hertzberg is a 1990s Democrat. Lindsey Horvath is a 2022 Democrat. We strongly opt for the latter and hope you will join us in voting for Lindsey Horvath for 3rd District Supervisor representing the Westside and the San Fernando Valley.

Hertzberg was first elected to the State Assembly when Democrats thought they had to be moderate, like our “hero” Bill Clinton, or we would lose elections. They stood for mandatory minimums in sentencing, tougher sentencing for crack cocaine, and didn’t dare push too hard for livable wages for fear of losing the endorsement of their local, conservative chamber of commerce. And sure enough, Hertzberg is running on a platform of having all of the police union endorsements, endorsements from many male elected leaders, and claiming he’s a champion for women’s health care because he’s running against a woman. He’s also gaining a lot of endorsements from more conservative business organizations. Yep. To Bob, it’s 1996 all over again.

Bob is also a notoriously “touchy” politician. Famous for his moniker as “Huggy Hertzberg” in the late 1990s and 2000s, he’s had to temper his pawing of constituents and donors after complaints of unwanted physical contact on behalf of several women.

We believe that the future is female, and when a capable, competent woman is competitive in an election involving the Westside, you’ll often see this site side with her. Lindsey Horvath isn’t just a woman, though. She’s an exceptional one. Driven to serve others through her faith at a young age, Horvath was a founding member of her area chapter of the National Organization for Women and has the support of impressive female leaders including the current supervisor, Sheila Kuehl, State Senator Sydney Kamlager, former Compton Mayor Aja Brown, Gloria Allred, and Eunisses Hernandez, a recognized advocate for criminal justice reform and communities of color.

It’s also telling that she has the support of a majority of her city council colleagues and two former West Hollywood City Council members, not to mention dozens of other West Hollywood civic and business leaders. But it shouldn’t surprise us when the twice selected mayor accomplished things like helping bring about the strongest minimum wage in the county the same year her city was named the county’s most business friendly. Or when she stepped up to lead a fight to get more rape kit evidence analyzed that faced a huge backlog. How many men do you see leading that charge?

Horvath also sees very clearly the crisis we face in housing and homelessness. She and her council colleagues enacted a housing policy that requires at least 20 percent of all newly constructed housing units be made affordable for middle and low-income workers, and she is endorsed by housing advocates.

A fierce advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community, she has the endorsement of the Stonewall Democratic Club and the Stonewall Young Democrats. She has the support of no fewer than five women’s organizations, multiple labor unions, and the endorsement of the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters.

Her priorities also align with our progressive values and clearly track the biggest challenges we face today. Her campaign Website ( puts combatting homelessness and building affordable housing at the top of the list, followed immediately by the climate crisis, transportation, and public safety – where she agrees with this news organization more experts in health and social and mental services to be sent to the scene in many situations rather than armed police officers or sheriff’s deputies.

We might also add that Horvath is the ONLY candidate in this race endorsed by Planned Parenthood. Bob Hertzberg? He’s been endorsed by disgraced L.A. City Councilmembers Nury Martinez, Kevin de Leon, and Gil Cedillo.

Horvath is also seemingly everywhere, and has been for years, always in the community and out in support of other leaders. She’s approachable, bright, and intellectually curious, and we believe will run a very accessible and hard-working constituent-oriented office. We love that she’s a renter and we cheered her on when she made national headlines saying Donald Trump was not welcome in West Hollywood.

This race will be hard fought and a lot of money will be spent sending you countless political mailers and television ads. We hope you will cut through the clutter and support Lindsey Horvath for 3rd District Supervisor.

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