Some have fallen under an odd hypnosis and are declaring Congressmember Liz Cheney a kind of national hero for standing up to House Republican leadership over the January 6 domestic terrorist assault on democracy. They have also praised her performance in the January 6 Select Committee hearings, where sure – she has delivered admirably.

Then, on Friday, I read a CNN report saying Cheney is reaching across the aisle to Wyoming Democratic voters for political survival in her upcoming Republican primary. They report, specifically, “Two people familiar with the matter confirmed to CNN that Cheney has made overtures to Democrats in her state, both through targeted mailers outlining the steps someone would need to take to switch party affiliation and on her campaign website, which now features an FAQ on how to ‘change my party affiliation to register as a Republican so I can vote for Liz.’”

This got us thinking. Oh, my God, are wealthy liberals from the Valley and the Westside going to send Liz Cheney MONEY? Some of our more fortunate neighbors do, let’s face it, have disposable income to burn.

Westside Voice implores any of you even flirting with this notion to never send Liz Cheney a dime of campaign cash. She is not our friend. And she is certainly no national hero.

We would remind you that she and Adam Kinzinger are incredibly conservative Republicans (Hint: Last name “Cheney”). They have voted against everything you care about. Pick an issue you favor. I guarantee you they’re against it. Do you think Liz Cheney voted for Joe Biden? Nope. She not only voted for Donald Trump but donated thousands of dollars to his re-election campaign. And let’s remember this is the woman that threw her own lesbian sister under the bus by opposing same-sex marriage to first win her House seat.

Has she shown political courage in putting her tenure at risk to stand up to Trump and the MAGA-controlled Republicans in the House? Yes. But gosh, you know, it’s kind of the job of a United States Representative to reject a violent political coup based on a lie. It’s the job of a representative to investigate wrongdoing and not live in denial of it. There really aren’t any bonus points for this.

But these arguments aren’t even the most important. If you take away anything, it’s that there are literally hundreds of worthy Democrats in competitive races that need that money. What’s that you say – you have money for both? No, you don’t. Democrats are often outspent, and we don’t just have elections for Governor, U.S. Senator, and U.S. House to worry about anymore. Give that $500 or $50 of “atta-girl” money you were going to give to Liz Cheney to the Democratic Nominee for Secretary of State in any swing state. We have to win those races and even races for local elections officials now (where there are states that elect county elections commissioners and registrars of voters). Give to the Democrats in competitive state legislative races – goodness knows the Democrats have neglected the need to control state legislatures for far too long. No, you don’t have money for both. You need to give to Democrats in strategic places who will help uphold democracy.

So please, in the political zoo that is 2022 – or really, any other year – absolutely, positively do NOT feed the Cheney.

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