Unless information comes in that favors or detracts from a particular candidate, Westside Voice will defer to the endorsed candidates for judge by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party. They are:

Tim Reuben, Superior Court Judge – Seat 3

Seat 60*

Elizabeth Lashley-Haynes, Superior Court Judge – Seat 67

Holly Hancock, Superior Court Judge – Seat 70

Kevin McGurk, Superior Court Judge – Seat 90

Lloyd Handler, Superior Court Judge – Seat 116

Georgia Huerta, Superior Court Judge – Seat 118

Patrick Hare, Superior Court Judge – Seat 151

Carol Elswick, Superior Court Judge – Seat 156

*Voting delegates to the L.A. County Democratic Party could not meet a 60 percent support endorsement threshold among these four Democrats: Troy Slaten, Sharon Ransom, Anna Slotky Reitano, and Abby Brown. Westside Voice went with Troy Slaten. His current experience as an Administrative Law Judge, in our view, gives him a slight but interesting edge over the other Democrats.

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