California’s new State Assembly District 51 includes: Beverly Hills, East Hollywood, Hollywood, the Hollywood Hills, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, parts of West L.A., and Westwood Village.

The contest for the newly drawn Assembly District 51 (AD51) provides voters the choice between two terrific Democratic candidates. But our choice for voters is an easy one: Rick Chavez Zbur.

Mr. Zbur, an attorney, has been involved in politics for a very long time, which alone is not a qualification. But the level at which he has involved himself – impressive positions he’s held, policy he’s affected, and wealth of relationships make him readiest from day one to deliver for his constituents and Californians in general.

Zbur’s competition, Louis Abramson, is also impressive and with a loyal following. We admire his pluck, and love that he is a renter – something the state legislature needs far more of. A scientist by training, Abramson currently sits on the Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council. We have our eye on him and hope that one day he very much holds a full-time elected position.

But Zbur is leaps and bounds ahead. A former President of the California League of Conservation Voters (now California Environmental Voters), Executive Director of Equality California, and a Board Member of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, he has helped shape and pass a diverse swath of progressive legislation that’s made a real difference in people’s lives. And with his deep relationships and multitude of endorsements from other progressive elected leaders, we could see Zbur quickly leap into an Assembly Democratic leadership position. Voters in Assembly District 51 shouldn’t pass up the possibility of that level of influence from its own legislator, and should give Zbur their vote by mail or by June 7th at the polls.

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